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Students of the Philosophy & Economics programme at the University of Bayreuth


When we relaunched the P&E Master Programme in 2011 we were convinced that we had created an academically ambitious programme that was also socially and professionally relevant and timely. It is now clear to us that we got it right and our MA graduates who are trained in research from Day 1 have really a whole host of new perspectives open to them.

So you can get an idea of what the P&E Master Programme leades to and which perspectives will also open up we provide you with some biographical sketches below. What is important is that that our students are not only highly qualified but they are full of intelligence, creativity, and engagement. Read on ...

Lukas Beck (2018)
MA Thesis: Should Economists Mind? On the Separateness of Economics

After graduating, I started my PhD at the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge. My PhD project focuses on the relationship between economics and the other behavioral sciences.
The "Philosophy and Economics" M.A. program provided me with the necessary research skills to pursue a highly interdisciplinary PhD project at one of the most renowned universities in the world. In this regard, I believe Bayreuth to be unique in its focus on cooperation in teaching between economists and philosophers. The program is not easy. However, an environment that enabled me to pursue my intellectual passions in a rigorous way, the opportunity to get a lot of feedback from academics of both disciplines, and the great people I met made it more than worthwhile.

Markus Löning

Markus Löning (2017)
MA thesis: Can Degrowth Overcome the Leakage Problem of Unilateral Climate Policy?

After graduating in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Lancaster University, I was fascinated by the sheer complexity of global justice issues and the need for interdisciplinary solutions. The M.A. in Philosophy & Economics was a perfect fit, not only with my academic interests, but also my appreciation for an intellectually stimulating learning environment. The programme taught me both the analytical school of thought of philosophy and the techniques of empirical economics. As part of the close community of students and academics, I could participate in plentiful extra-curricular projects on and off campus. I have now started a Ph.D. at University College London, with a strong focus on data science applications.

Marc Stöckli

Marc Stöckli (2016)
MA Thesis:

After graduating, I have joined the ifo Center for Business Cycle Analysis and Surveys as a PhD student and junior economist. My research at the ifo includes income and wealth inequality, economic growth, uncertainty, and methods of forecasting. I owe much of my academic career to the M.A. program "Philosophy and Economics" in Bayreuth. The program was tough, but ultimately it enabled me to conduct economic research on the highest level and to join one of the most recognized economic research institutes in Europe. My time in Bayreuth has been incredibly interesting, full of experiences, and fun. I have met the most wonderful people, some of which I have become very close friends with.

Franziska Poprawe

Franziska Poprawe (2016)
MA Thesis: A Coherence-Based Approach to Formulating What Rationality Requires

After my B.Sc. in Business Administration, I signed up for P&E because I wanted to strengthen my quantitative skills and grapple with philosophical questions. The programme perfectly allowed me to pursue my interest in global issues and economic development. More importantly, however, the programme and its people inspired me to discover new passions. Conferences and seminars fueled my fascination for philosophy. I finally wrote my MA thesis on the philosophical question of what rationality requires of us. I now look forward to start my PhD in Philosophy at the University of Oxford in October 2016.  I work on rationality and reasoning, e.g. the questions of what correct reasoning is and which role reasons play in our reasoning.

Marina Uzanova

Marina Uzanova (2016)
MA Thesis: An Analysis of Voting Rights

Up to the P&E Master, I had always pursued philosophy as an extra almost recreational first interest and then major, alongside a primary BA in Business Administration. Bayreuth turned that around and made me consciously aware that tackling any social issue requires facing the philosophical problems it implies, be those problems normative or purely conceptual. I am currently staying in Bayreuth teaching a course on measuring voting power and achieving fair representation, and will later be pursuing a PhD again at the intersection of philosophy and economics.

Tobias Grohmann

Tobias Grohmann (2016)
MA Thesis: Testimony as the Transmission of Impersonal Knowledge

I joined the MA programme straight after completing my P&E BA. To me, compared to other programmes, the MA in Bayreuth offered the most promising curriculum to continue studying at the intersection between Philosophy and Economics. Besides the rigorous training in the core areas of Philosophy and Economics, the programme also gave me the freedom to develop and follow up on my own peculiar interest in Social Epistemology. Currently I apply for PhD positions in this field to research transfers of knowledge between social scientists and policy makers. I hope to offer answers to pertinent epistemological issues concerning these knowledge transfers in order to designing better social policies. I believe that studying the P&E MA programme has equipped me with skills and knowledge to pursue such a project.

Donal Khosrowi

Donal Khosrowi (2015)
MA Thesis: Getting Rigorous about Model-World Similarity

I joined the MA programme straight after completing my P&E BA. The MA was the ideal programme to follow up on my research interests in Philosophy of the Social Sciences and Economics. I now pursue a PhD in Philosophy of Economics at Durham University. My research deals with methodological, inferential and value-related issues in Evidence-Based Policy. The P&E MA with its rigorous, no-compromise curriculum helped me build a broad set of economics and philosophy skills that range from indispensable to exceptionally valuable for pursuing such a project.

Annette Becker

Annette Becker (2015)
MA Thesis: Determinants and Coping Mechanisms of Forest Conflicts. A Case Study of Vietnam

For my Bachelor degree, I studied economic sciences and sinology at the University of Applied Sciences in Constance, during which she spent a year in China. After practical experiences at Accenture and Credit Suisse, I started the P&E master program in Bayreuth. My master thesis was dedicated to the topic of determinants and coping mechanisms of forest conflicts in Vietnam. This impetus fuelled my interest in delving into a longer period of academic research. After graduating I have been working as research associate at the DFG research training group "Resource Efficiency in Interorganizational Networks" and in the position of an external Ph.D. student to the Chair of Retailing.

Marius Kempf

Marius Kempf (2015)
MA Thesis:Emotional Contagion, Moral Responsibility & Punishment – Why Membership Diminishes Responsibility

After graduating from the P&E program in 2014, I began working for a management consultancy specialized in Connected Business. Ever since I have been working on several projects all across Germany, mostly in the information and telecommunications technology industry. The analytical and methodological skills I acquired during my P&E studies help me to properly analyse cases, structure relevant problems and derive implications for action. Furthermore, I have used my knowledge in philosophy to co-author papers and lectures on the ethical implications of autonomous cars and robots.

Sandra Bohmann

Sandra Bohmann (2014)
MA Thesis: The role of Redistributive Preferences and Beliefs about the Origin of Social Inequality in the Inequality-Growth Nexus

After the P&E Master I started a PhD Programme in Socio-Economics and Statistics at Humboldt University in Berlin, where I currently write my dissertation on the role of non-cognitive skills in the reproduction of intergenerational socio-economic inequalities. The P&E Master helped me to develop my analytical skills and equipped me with a sound methodological basis in economics and a toolkit for analysing normative issues. The Programme helped me to develop my academic and professional skills as well as my ability to analyse and critically evaluate what is going on in the world around me. I am very thankful for the time I spent in Bayreuth and connecting to a bunch of wonderful and inspiring people.

Tillmann Gräf

Tillmann Gräf (2014)
MA Thesis: Towards an Overall Legitimate Approach to Strategic Management. How to Run a Corporation in Light of Fiduciary and Extra-Legal Duties?

The MA in Philosophy & Economics gives students the opportunity to critically revisit, rather than simply apply, economic theories. Apart from various graduate-level basic courses in economics and philosophy, I attended highly interesting seminars in the fields of corporate governance and business ethics, some of which were conducted in collaboration with leading German corporations. Moreover, I had the chance to spend a highly interesting semester abroad at the University of California in San Diego. After finishing my thesis, I started working as a consultant for governance matters in a multinational company.

Max Ostermayer

Max Ostermayer (2014)
MA Thesis: How the Demos Should be Bounded: An Assessment of the Grounds of Democratic Entitlement

Whilst still writing on my Master Thesis I had already started an internship in the area of international cooperation in Vietnam for three months. However, one internship turned into two, three months turned into more than a year. Since early 2015 I “properly” work for one of my former employers, the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation – a think tank based on the values of social democracy. As a policy officer in the Division for Social and Economic Affairs I am in charge of “Old Age Security” and I am currently managing a project on the acceptance and the future of the welfare state." I think the PE background helped a lot to ultimately get the job. Having a background in both economics and political philosophy is just a perfect match.

Nicole Püschel

Nicole Püschel (2014)
MA Thesis: Dynamic Effects of PTAs: A Quantitative Analysis with Special Emphasis on TTIP

After having finished my Bachelor degree in International Economics at University of Tübingen, I joined the P&E Master program in October 2012. The four semesters in Bayreuth clearly enhanced my critical thinking and argumentation-based writing, which comes in useful especially for an academic career. I wrote my Master Thesis at the Chair of Empirical Economics on the economic and welfare effects of a potential Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the US. Since March 2015 I am a PhD student at ETH Zürich, researching in the field of International Trade and Policy.

Gabriel Loumeau

Gabriel Loumeau (2014)
MA Thesis: Immigration and Attitudes towards European Integration: Empirical Evidence from the French Referendum on the European Constitution in 2005

After having studied Philosophy and Economics at undergraduate level, the P&E MA Master program was the natural choice to continue my education. The P&E Master program allowed me to specialize in Economics, whilst studying some Philosophy on the side.  In Bayreuth, I gained high quality skills and knowledge in Economics that allowed me to start a PhD in the best possible condition. I am now a PhD candidate in Public Economics at the Swiss Economic Institute at ETH Zürich.

Daniel Schubert

Daniel Schubert (2014)
MA Thesis: Shared Value, Market Failure and SMEs - Conceiving the Idea of Shared Value from a Market Failures Perspective and its Relevance for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

While graduating from the bachelor programme of Philosophy&Economics, I chose to continue with the MA programme which I concluded in 2014. My MA-thesis was enttitled „Shared Value, Market Failure and SMEs – Conceiving the Idea of Shared Value from a Market Failures Perspective and its Relevance for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises“. Now, I work for an employers‘ association in the field of sustainability. I very much profit from the philosophical and economic knowledge and the analytical skills I gained in both programmes at the university of Bayreuth.

Güneycan Solmaz

Güneycan Solmaz (2014)
Thesis Title: Rescuing Reciprocity Based Internationalism

After three enlightening years in Bayreuth, instead of going back to Turkey, I moved to Berlin and started working in a business services company. However, it did not take long until I moved to Berkeley in 2016, in the name of love.

Paul Hufe

Paul Hufe (2013)
MA Thesis: The Empirical Nexus of Corporate Tax Competition and Income Inequality

Arriving in Bayreuth with a firm interest in the philosophical aspects of the global justice debate in fall 2011, I ended up writing an empirical thesis on the nexus of corporate tax competition and income inequality. After a gap year with the United Nations in New York, I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. at the University of Mannheim, where I am affiliated to the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW). In spite of an emphasis on the E, I continue to be strongly influenced by the P of this extraordinary program as my research focusses on equality of opportunity and fair taxation.

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