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Philosophy & Economics Master

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What you must do ...

Interfactulty programmes present logistical hurdles in planning your studies. To make life easier so you can concentrate on essentials, the P&E Programme offers a unique online course planner.

Annotated course information can be found here. You can filter courses by module, instructor, recommended semester. You will also find details about registration and assessment as well as timetabling information. You can also access the course planner via the P&E intranet.

Note that generally MA courses in both philosophy and economics are small and not over-subscribed. So there is usually no problem studying electives that you want. However, pay careful attention to deadlines for registration.

Looking for something special?

We offer you a lot of flexibility to cut out your own profile. If you are missing something, then approach us.

  • During the Staff-Student Meetings you will also be given the opportunity to make proposals for courses.
  • If you want to take courses outside of the philosophy and economics departments, please consult first with the Programme Coordinators to guarantee that the courses fall within the programme regulations.
  • If you have ambitions to undertake a PhD you are well advised to consider your course selections carefully and you should consult with P&E teaching staff about your course selections.

Handing in your MA thesis

Candidates have to hand in three items at the Prüfungsamt, namely 2 printed copies of the thesis and one CD containing a .pdf version of the thesis.

Go to the online course planner!

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