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Philosophy & Economics Master

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Students of the Philosophy & Economics Master programme at the University of Bayreuth

​Fascinated? Here's how to apply

Applicants should have a background in philosophy & economics, economics, or a related discipline with an economics component (e.g. business/management, political science). You require at least a Bachelor grade point average of 2.3 according to the German grading scale. You must also have an excellent command of written and spoken English. If you are unsure whether you qualify, do not hesitate to contact us. We are open  to talented and engaged applicants who want to enter the field.

We run a rolling admissions policy. Applications for the 2020–21 academic year will be accepted from 01 January 2020. We advise you to apply as early as possible.

  • You can apply before you have completed your Bachelor degree, but in such circumstances we will only make you a conditional offer and you will have to have completed it by 01 October 2020 to enrol.
  • We will accept applications from EU-students until 31 August 2020. Non-EU applications are especially advised to apply not later than 15 July 2020 due to possible delays in obtaining visas etc.


All relevant information regarding the requirements for entry into the programme is contained in the 2020 Application Form and the list of Frequently Asked Questions (below). Please read this information carefully.

  • Please download the Application Form (Microsoft Excel file). All instructions are contained therein. You do not need to send your application documents by post.
  • You will also require two confidential academic references. Please download the Confidential Academic Reference Form (Microsoft Word file) and forward it to your referees. All instructions are contained therein.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 I do not have a degree in philosophy, economics, or a related discipline. Can I still apply?Hide

It depends on what you have studied. If you have studied a degree that contains courses in mathematics and statistics, logic, and philosophy courses you may have a good chance. We are very open to applications from highly motivated students who are willing to acquire the missing skills and knowledge. If you are unsure whether or not you are eligible for the programme please get in touch with us by sending an e-mail to: pe-master@uni-bayreuth.de. One of the Programme Coordinators will then get in touch with you to discuss your chances. In the event that you do not satisfy the minimum requirements you may be able to follow courses from the BA degree for one year and then upgrade to the MA in the following academic year.

I have not yet completed by Bachelor degree. Can I still apply?Hide

Yes, but in such circumstances we will only make you a conditional offer and you will have to have completed your degree by 01 October to enrol. If there are administrative problems obtaining your degree certificate by this date, please inform us as soon as possible.

 Can I do an internship during my studies?Hide

Of course, but we do not recommend it and it is not part of the programme. Again, please refer to the Student Handbook (“Planning Your Studies”).

Does the P&E Programme of the University of Bayreuth offer scholarships or financial assistance?Hide


I am a non-EU applicant. Are there any special restrictions or rules that I should be aware of?Hide

There may be. Please contact our International Office.

 I do not have any samples of my academic writing in English. Can I replace these with an appropriate language certificate?Hide

No. You must send us such samples. Simply translate two essays from your course work or part of your Bachelor thesis. The topic does not matter; it only has to be academic. The writing samples permit us determine your ability to pursue higher academic study in English.

Do I need to submit a “Statement of Purpose” or “Letter of Motivation”?Hide

Yes. This is Section F of the Application Form (instructions contained therein).

Do I need academic references?Hide

Yes. You will need two such references. Please download the Confidential Academic Reference Form from the web page and forward it to your referees. And please do not forget to fill out Section G of the Application Form. Your application will not be processed until both referees have sent in their references.

When will I be informed of my acceptance or rejection?Hide

We run a “rolling admissions” policy. The Selection Committee meets once a month in the period March-September. We try to inform applicants within 30 days.

 If I am accepted, what must I do?Hide

All instructions on enrolment are contained in your letter of acceptance.

 If I am accepted, can I defer my enrolment for the next academic year?Hide

Yes. But please inform us as soon as possible.

Are there any preparatory courses and when do they take place?Hide

We generally offer crash courses in econometrics and on “Writing Philosophy”. A crash course in mathematics for economists may also be offered. These courses usually take place in the week before the lectures start: around 07-11 October.

​Does the programme permit me to spend a semester abroad?Hide

This is possible, but not foreseen. You should refer to the Student Handbook (“Planning Your Studies”).

Does the University of Bayreuth charges fees?Hide


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