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Philosophy & Economics Master

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Prof. Dr. Julian Fink und Prof. Dr. Hartmut Egger

Two departments, one programme

The Bayreuth P&E Programme stands out for its truly interdisciplinary approach to teaching and research. We may be two departments from two different faculties but the P&E Programme is run as a joint enterprise. We are a closely knit group of committed academic and programme staff who take our educational tasks seriously. This is what gives us our special character and one that is hardly found elsewhere.

What is significant about P&E in Bayreuth is that it is a growing enterprise. There is probably no other German university that has experienced such rapid expansion of its Philosophy and Economics departments.

Department of Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy has grown from two to nine professorships and a regular visiting professorship in recent years.  What makes the department so dynamic is not just what is happening here but is that we are a force for change: our analytical focus, our concern with the practical questions of social and economic justice and well-being, and our open and explicit joint venture with the economics department is starting to influence the course of development and renewal of academic philosophy in Germany. Philosophy in Bayreuth is all about the relevance of the philosophical enterprise to bringing about changes in the world. More...

Department of Economics

The Department of Economics is an equally dynamic place to be. The last years have seen a radical reshaping and extending of the Department with the appointment ambitious and young economists to the chairs of microeconomics, macroeconomics, empirical economics, development economics, and international governance, to name a few. In a short space of time the Department has established a research profile in international economics, public policy and governance and now boasts an output of international quality research that rivals the best in Germany. More...

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