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Philosophy & Economics Master

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Graduates of the P&E Master programme are not only highly qualified but also known for being full of intelligence, creativity, and dedication. As a result, they have a whole host of perspectives open to them.

Explore potential career paths and opportunities awaiting you after you graduate and learn about how to stay connected to P&E once you leave.

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Career Paths & Alumni

PhD & Research in PhilosophyHide

The P&E MA programme can inspire you to discover and deepen your interest for philosophy. Some of our graduates decide to further pursue their passion and do a PhD in one of the myriad subject areas of philosophy.

Donal Khosrowi (2015 P&E MA Graduate)
Donal Khosrowi joined the P&E MA after completing his P&E BA in Bayreuth. He specialized in the philosophy of economics and the philosophy of social sciences. After obtaining a PhD from Durham University, he became a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Hannover.

Manuel Wörsdörfer (2007 P&E MA Graduate)
After his BA and MA degrees in P&E, Manuel Wörsdörfer did a PhD and habilitation in Business Ethics at Goethe University in Frankfurt. He became an assistant professor at the University of Maine where he researches and teaches in the fields of business (ethics) and human rights, computer ethics, and climate ethics.

Jonas Hollstein (2019 P&E MA Graduate)
After his BA with a philosophy focus at Mannheim University and his MA in P&E, Jonas Hollstein became a PhD candidate at King’s College London. He specializes in epistemology and is interested in modal theories of knowledge (and their relation to chance), pragmatic reasons for belief, and evidentialism.

PhD & Research in Economics, Empirical Research, and Data ScienceHide
Alumni Economics

The P&E MA provides you with a rigorous quantitative training that enables you to conduct academic research in Economics on the highest level. Some of our graduates pursue PhDs in economic theory while others have discovered their passion in empirical research and data science:

Marc Stöckli (2016 P&E MA Graduate)
Marc Stöckli obtained his BA degree in Philosophy and Art History. After graduating from the P&E MA, he started a PhD in Economics at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. His work focuses on inequality and redistribution. He is a Junior Economist at ifo Institute.

Philipp Meier (2018 P&E MA Graduate)
After his BA degree in Governance and Public Policy, Philipp Meier decided to simultaneously study the P&E MA and the Economics MSc programmes in Bayreuth. Once he graduated, he became a PhD student at the Chair of International Macroeconomics & Trade at the University of Bayreuth.

Laura Jahn (2019 P&E MA Graduate)
Laura Jahn obtained her BA degree in Business Administration from the University of Mannheim. After finishing the P&E MA, she became a PhD fellow at the University of Copenhagen. Her focus is on Attention Economics and Informational Social Influence.

Marco Molitor (2020 P&E MA Graduate)
After graduating from the P&E MA program, Marco Molitor became a PhD student at the Chair of International Macroeconomics & Trade at the University of Bayreuth. He obtained his BA degree in German Philology and Philosophy.

Business, Management & Business ConsultingHide

P&E MA graduates have analytical and methodological skills that are useful to business professionals, consultants, and managers in a large variety of fields.

Tillmann Gräf (2014 P&E MA Graduate)
After graduating from the P&E MA, Tillmann Gräf became a project manager specialized on integrated business steering at Lidl International (Schwarz Gruppe) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (Advisory). Currently, he holds a global strategy manager position at Henkel AG with a focus on connecting market strategy with innovation steering, sustainability management and financial planning.

David Rohrmann (2008 P&E MA Graduate)
After graduating from P&E, David Rohmann became a consultant and board member at 1492 Consulting and remains active at the University of Bayreuth as a lecturer. His focus is on Collective Intelligence, strategy, leadership and organizational development, as well as Business Ethics and CSR.

Simon Deichsel (2006 P&E MA Graduate)
Simon Deichsel belongs to one of the first cohorts of P&E graduates. After his PhD in  Philosophy of Economics, he decided to become a product manager with focus on IT. He gained experience working for Zalando, Cornelsen, and several UX-focused technology startups.

NGOs, Political Consulting & Public RelationsHide
Alumni Policy

P&E MA graduates are trained in logical thinking and structured reasoning. This helps them to quickly familiarize themselves with new topics, as well as analyze, develop, and communicate policies and strategies.

Beate Neubauer (2008 P&E MA Graduate)
After graduating from the P&E MA, Beate Neubauer became a policy advisor at the Bavarian Industry Association – vbw. Her focus is on social and public policy, especially relating to pension and skilled labor provision, sustainability, and the social market economy.

Fabio Gassmann (2012 P&E MA Graduate)
Before the P&E MA degree, Fabio Gassmann studied Sociology, Business, and Economics. He became a consultant in public affairs with focus on environment, traffic, and sustainability. He also gained work experience at WWF, the Association for Mobility in Switzerland and the Alpine Initiative.

Max Ostermayer (2014 P&E MA Graduate)
After his BA in Business Administration and Economics, Max Ostermayer specialized in normative political theory during his P&E MA. He is interested in questions of global justice and became a policy officer at Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, working in the fields of energy, climate, and environmental policy.


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The P&E-Förderverein is a network network of graduates, lecturers, students, friends and supporters of the Philosophy & Economics program at the University of Bayreuth. They host the Beyond Bayreuth podcast, organize networking events like the Job- and Masterworkshops, and support students in finding semesters abroad, internships, and scholarships. The Förderverein wants to accompany P&E students and alumni in the best possible way on their path through life and to carry the P&E made in Bayreuth brand throughout the world.

By joining the Förderverein, you can stay connected to P&E even after you leave Bayreuth. To stay updated, you can check out their website and follow them on social media (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn).

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